B.Roy Makes the All-Star Team!

All Star, Brandon Roy

A big SHOUT OUT to one of my favorite Blazers, Brandon Roy (#7) for making the 2008 All-Star game, announced today. Brandon is the unquestioned leader and heart of the young Blazers team, that is 26-19 as of today. Brandon was selected over other NBA stars Baron Davis, Manu Ginobli, and Deron Williams.

2008 All Star West roster:
Guards – Kobe Bryant*, Allen Iverson*, Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Brandon Roy
Forwards – Carmelo Anthon*, Tim Duncan*, Dirk Nowitzki, Carlos Boozer, David West
Center – Yao Ming*, Amare Stoudemire

East roster:
Guards – Jason Kidd*, Dwayne Wade*, Chauncy Billups, Rip Hamilton, Joe Johnson
Forwards – Kevin Garnett*, LeBron James*, Caron Butler, Antawn Jamison, Paul Pierce
Center – Dwight Howard*, Chris Bosh

(*) designates the starters

How good is Brandon? Here are his stats through 45 games this season:
B.Roy averages 19.3 points, 4.5 rebounds and 5.6 assists per game. He’s shooting 46% from the field in 37.3 minutes, and his efficiency rating (on nba.com) is +19.07.

The little things that Brandon does for his team don’t usually show up in the normal stats. The tipped balls, deflections, blocks, lock-down defense and will to get to the hole from anywhere on the court are just a few things the Blazers can count on B.Roy for.

A few more Brandon-related links to end my post on:

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B.Roy Makes the All-Star Team!

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  1. KAZ says:

    Nice photo. I’m jealous you have tag clouds and I don’t. We need to go to another Blazer game. So fun.

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