Cabo tres, with pictures!

 Playa Grande Palms
Yes, this was taken at “my home for a week” – Playa Grande Resort in Cabo.


Four days in Mexico, and I’m slowly becoming bilingual (or thinking that I am). Although someone told me today that all you have to do to be “multi-lingual” is begin a word with el or la. Like, “Pass me la cerveza, por fav-or” I think Raechel is going to tell me differently, but that seems to work here in Cabo.

Vacation life is terrific! The weather hasn’t been as hot as we were hoping for, but still really nice. Today it was a bit cloudy, but not at all cold. Yesterday I spent most of the day in the sun, poolside with a good book and mucho bottles of agua. After Sunday night’s fiesta, I wasn’t good for much else. (Had a few too many straight tequila shots and I don’t recommend that to anyone!) We took a walk today (Tuesday) from our resort, Playa Grande, down to the Marina and around the whole thing to the Cortez beaches. Had lunch at the Mango Deck and wished it was Spring Break so there would be many more people having a good time. It’s just not the same experience in January with your parents!

I’ve had time to take pictures (and a couple videos), so as promised….here they are. (I’m having some troubles embedding the Picasa slideshow, so if it’s not working try the View Album link or go to

Tomorrow is deep-sea fishing day, with a wakeup calltime of about 5:30 a.m. (ouch!) It’s my first time, but I’m hoping to battle with a marlin so I’ll have pictures to send home — and brag to (former boss) Alex about! Stay warm Oregon friends, I hear it’s quite chilly back home! I’ll bring some sunshine back for you 🙂

Adios, amigos!

Cabo tres, with pictures!

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  1. Sarah says:

    I hope you danced up a storm tonight…we drooled longingly over your photos at work today! Miss you and can’t wait to hear more stories from your trip…

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