Cabo, part uno

I’m here! Well actually, we’re here. As in the Beyer family clan. “Here” is beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and the Playa Grande Resort. I’m stealing the internet from my sister and took a short break from the Green Bay-New York freeze bowl to come up and change clothes before a FIESTA in about 30 minutes. In case you’re wondering, yes I do feel a little guilty watching the Packs play in -2 degree weather when it’s in the 70’s here (but not too guilty).

After some major napping after we arrived yesterday (Sat) afternoon [BTW, the Friday all-nighter was NOT a good idea, but I did it], the parents took my brother, Adam, and I out to show us the downtown of Cabo. Ate (and drank) at the Giggling Marlin. After hanging my brother upside-down and making him take shots (video to come), we checked out live music at Cabo Wabo, “cranked dat” at The Zoo [a great new dance club where I’ll be spending lots of time] and strolled around El Squid Roe to see what it was all about. It was definitely a night to write home about, although there’s nothing scandalous to report (yet).

Pictures & video to come, just as soon as we get a break between sunshine, tequila, guacamole and dancing. I heard there’s WIFI by the pools so that’s where I’ll probably be blogging from tomorrow. Shucks!


Cabo, part uno

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  1. KAZ says:

    Packer game? You watched it? Depressing. You have had way too much fun in such a short amount of time. It’s a little depressing but you’ve earned it. Seen any VIP yet?

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