Getting my feet wet


After nine months of diving into social media headfirst (weird what they don’t teach you in college), I finally think I have enough to contribute to justify starting my own real (aka not MySpace) blog. That, and I was getting tired of constantly thinking “I should blog about xxx” or trying to condense my thoughts into 140 characters via Twitter.

So here I am. I’d like to go slowly, adjust my writing style to find a best fit, and gradually build this up. But don’t be surprised if I end up posting three and four times some days, and waiting three or four days between posts. That’s just how my life goes…

My first shout out goes to my new friend Kaz, who helped me brainstorm my blog’s name. We came up with Boogie Blazon as an alternative to Boogie Barks and many other suggestions. (I’ll save the tale of how I got to be known as L*Boogie in certain circles for another time) Thanks to who provides this entry on blazon:

bla·zon [bley-zuhn] (V.)

  1. To set forth conspicuously or publicly; display; proclaim.
  2. to adorn or embellish, esp. brilliantly or showily.
  3. to describe in heraldic terminology.
  4. to depict (heraldic arms or the like) in proper form and color.

Do you like? Let me know — that’s what the comments are for. You can also get at me through one of my social networking accounts, most of which are linked on my about page (also new), along with lots of stuff you already knew or didn’t necessarily need to know about me. But hey, it’s my blog and these are my blazons!

Getting my feet wet

One thought on “Getting my feet wet

  1. KAZ says:

    I love it–I also like your definition and side bar, very nice. How is your blog more technically savvy than mine and you’ve had it for about eight minutes?

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